10 Interesting Topics To Explore In An Essay About The Great Gatsby

Movies can be quite captivating and many people are simply addicted to the act of movie going or online streaming with friends. Yet, despite being simply a means of entertainment, one cannot deny the dept and value of the stories told in these motion pictures, sometimes, they can even change our very lives.

While this may seem like the typical love story, the tale explores many facets of human interactions, wants and desires so it surely has room for many epic, offshoot stories. Aside from being a very good depiction of the way people perceive the American dream, this story also offers a very heart wrenching representation of how assumptions can make situations worse than they need to be. The following is a list of ten interesting essay topics to explore about the Great Gatsby :

  1. The things I would change about the town of West Egg if I was given the opportunity to design the town any way I wanted and what differences the changes would have on the outcome of the story.

  2. The reverse of the story in which the former debutante was madly in love with Gatsby who wanted nothing to do with her in any romantic fashion.

  3. The things about Gatsby that makes him standout above other millionaires with lavish lifestyles that make him worthy of the title “great”

  4. The story from Gatsby’s perspective, without the possible taint of Nicks personal opinion and bias, as well as his inexperience with Eastern lifestyles.

  5. What does the actions and lifestyle of the great Gatsby say about the way Americans perceive the perfect lifestyle.

  6. Gatsby and Tom as best friends, the epic story of two best friends that take over the town and live the American dream where everything goes right.

  7. The story of Tom and Daisy in which they settle down and have a family, become extremely rich and have a son who then turns out to be the great Gatsby.

  8. The way money can affect the type of person someone becomes and the way they perceive the lives of others as a result.

  9. An alternate ending where Gatsby manages to defend himself against George’s attack and instead, kills him.

  10. What parallels, if any, exist between Gatsby's pursuit of success and happiness and that of the 'Count of Monte Cristo’ ?

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