Expository Essay Topics: 15 Easy-to-Answer Questions

Expository essays are writings that explain something. Here, it is your goal to share knowledge, describe a process, clarify information, or deliver an idea. It is more about facts than your personal opinion. An expository essay is sort of a guide to solving a problem. Therefore, it is your aim to make it useful. You should investigate, and then analyze the information. With this type of essay, you should be consistent. Present arguments, and then explain them.

Your essay should have a final goal. At first, present the topic and explain why it will be of some interest. Then, explore the chosen question. Finally, provide a conclusion with some suggestions.

Having learnt some general information about expository essays, you are ready to start writing them. What should you begin with? The most important step is to choose a proper topic. It should be compelling, relevant, and interesting. Moreover, it should be easy to answer. In this type of writing, you must have some knowledge of the given topic, so you will be able to explain it to the readers.

There are three types of topics for these essays: fictional, informative, and academic. It is up to you which one to pick. Still, to make it easier for you, here is a list of potential topics:

  1. A computer: a blessing or a curse?
  2. How to make decisions quickly.
  3. Should we believe everything we see on TV?
  4. How to become a leader.
  5. Is it possible to spend less money?
  6. Why is it important to exercise?
  7. Benefits of speaking a foreign language.
  8. The place of music in our lives.
  9. Ideas on decorating your workplace.
  10. How to recognize a liar.
  11. How to develop a sense of humor.
  12. Why do girls wear makeup?
  13. How to choose a profession.
  14. The importance of having a hobby.
  15. Incredible abilities of our memory.

The above-mentioned topics refer to different fields of knowledge: some of them are related to science and education, others to everyday life. However, there is one common feature to all of them – simplicity. Each topic attracts attention; none of them takes much time to write.

Since this type of writing develops thinking abilities and requires some research, it is often used by teachers as part of educational process. Remember that the topic you choose must be useful to different people, despite their age or occupation. Choose topic you like, in order to convince and benefit the reader.

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