Best Advice On Creating A 5th Grade Descriptive Essay

Writing an essay in the 5th grade is one of the most important academic milestones for your child. This will perhaps be the first time that the child will be attempting to write a descriptive essay. For the same reason, it becomes very important to strike the right points at the first go. But to make the attempt successful, parents should ensure a few things first. Here are a few tips.

Be careful in topic selection

Parents and tutors have a major role to play in the selection of topics for students in the 5th grade. It is important that children understands the topics and title on which they would write the essay. To select the topic:

  • Select a very basic title “The best way to bathe your cat”
  • Choose something from the child’s experience
  • Do not go for a research level title
  • Make sure not to include words that will confuse the child

Attach greater importance to language

As soon as the topic selection is done with, you need to focus on the language right away. In order to make the essay lucid, children should be asked to use correct grammar and language with the right use of different parts of speech.

It would also be highly essential for children to understand and implement the basic rules of punctuation in their writing.

The cushion of grammar

Give your 5th grader the cushion of grammar. Parents and mentors should bear the burden to correct the grammar of their children right from the start of the 5th grade. It is here that they will learn the basics of grammar and learn the basics of sentential structure.

An introduction to style

The 5th grade is the place where most students are introduced to the concept of style and flow. In fact, unless the children get to write descriptive pieces, they will seldom develop a style of their own. There are several young scholars that are in fact making the most of style and structure through their 5th grade essays.

Elementary diction

It is always a great thing to enrich the word power of 5th grade scholars. Through writing descriptive pieces, students will be able to make the most of their opportunities to create and enrich their dictions. Hence, tutors should find ways to introduce students to elementary diction.

These small tips will certainly help you create a great descriptive essay for the 5th grade.


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