Effects Of Underaged Drinking

Consuming alcoholic beverages is usually very popular among teenagers. It gives them a chance to feel themselves grown-up and understand why their parents suddenly become so cheerful and fun after drinking up a cocktail. Moreover, most of the children grow up watching their parents drinking on holidays to celebrate or in the evening to relax after a hard day and this becomes the normal way for them to celebrate or relax.  The nature of teenagers is also to throw away all the prohibitions and, as we well know, the forbidden fruit is sweet. There are a lot of reasons why teenagers have a thing for alcohol and a lot of ways to get hands on it, even if you don’t have an ID that allows you to. There are even more consequence for the body of a teen that consumes alcohol - much more, than for the body of a grown-up man or woman.

Drinking adolescents have much more chances to get a negative influence on their health, since the most important organs are still developing. They are very vulnerable to brain damage and damage to brain cells. Consuming beverage with high contents of alcohol (e.g. vodka, whiskey etc) can lead to severe liver problems, which will be much harder to cure at this age. Side effects of alcohol consumption are weight loss, change in appetite, sleep disorders.

Alcohol has a much stronger impact on a body of a teenager. Following the example of grown-ups, adolescents try to consume alcohol in the same quantities, which can lead to severe alcohol intoxication, with results into vomiting and passing out in public places. Teenagers are less likely to be able to control themselves when drunk, which can lead to uncontrolled actions.

Drinking in company of adolescents of the same age can have social impact. As mentioned earlier, teenagers cannot control themselves properly, when drunk, which can lead to cases of physical and even sexual abuse. Actions that seem not appropriate in normal state, may become a good idea in drunk state.

Given all the possible negative effects of underage drinking, it is very important for the responsible adults, especially parents, to do everything possible to prevent adolescents from consuming alcoholic beverages. This can be achieved by propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, control over the alcohol distribution and, first of all, personal example of parents and other adults, close to the child. .

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