Christianity In The Modern World

Christianity is one of the religions that have undergone changes in the modern world in the recent past. Modernity and its effects on Christianity are real and cannot be ignored. Some people think that modernity has influenced Christianity positively. Others think that Christianity in the modern world has been affected negatively. This debate can go on and on without actual answers, but the truth is that Christianity has changed from what it was in the traditional times to the modern times. Some Christians think that the changes in Christianity is something to worry about while others think that there is nothing to cause alarm. The fact that even the Christians themselves cannot agree on these effects is itself something to worry about.

What’s wrong with Christianity in the Modern Christianity?

Most people believe that compared to the traditional Christianity where Christians were obedient and followed the laws in the Bible, something must be wrong with Christianity in the modern world. The technological advancements in the modern world have affected Christianity a lot. Christians have access to immoral videos and clips and they can watch them freely. Some also feel that the Christianity is treated like an economic commodity.

Problems facing Christians in the Modern World

Christianity in the modern world is faced with a lot of challenges. To start with, the modern world Christians does not share the gospel among the non-Christians in the society. This was very common in the traditional Christianity. Sharing of the scriptures only happens in places of worship where only Christians are gathered. The non-Christians in the societies do not get to learn about the scriptures. Most of the Christians in the modern world have very little knowledge about the Bible. It is very difficult for them to quote even scriptures from the Bible. Another problem facing Christianity in the modern world is fiction. People are coming up with journals and films that alter the facts in the Bible. This is a big blow for modern Christianity. The presence of modern technology in the modern world can enable the spread of such information very fast. It thus becomes very hard and challenging for Christians to counter such information. Another major problem and challenge facing Christianity is the lack of fellowship. Unlike in the traditional Christianity where they used to fellowship at least thrice a week, modern Christians do not attend the fellowship. People are so busy attending to jobs and tasks. Christianity in the modern world is thus faced with such several challenges

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