George Washington

George Washington is a significant historical figure especially in the United States of America, having served as the first elected U.S president. In the history of the United States of America, George Washington is rated to be one of among the many most successful presidents U.S. He was a charismatic president. He served two terms of the presidency after which he retired. He is considered one among the founders of the United States of America. He was believed to possess quality and strong leadership skills. The skills possessed by George Washington led to his election and reelection to the presidency. One of his strengths is that he was able to unite the people of the America. This way he was liked by all Americans, and he was able to gunner their support. George Washington was a leader of the people since all Americans accepted him and supported his ideologies as a way of improving America and the people of America.

Major Accomplishments of George Washington

George Washington became the first person to serve the U. S as the first president. This was in the year 1789. In 1783, George Washington was re-elected to the presidency due to the people's believes in his leadership style and skills. He, however, declined to serve the country for a third term and instead decided to retire from office. George Washington is also remembered for organizing the cabinet in the U.S He also ensured amendments on the bill of rights in the United States were enforced and implemented. Another significant achievement and accomplishment of George Washington is the establishment of a fair judicial system to serve the people of United States of America. In 1794, George Washington made an achievement by signing the Naval Act. He is also remembered for signing the Jay Treaty in the same year 1794. This treaty led to peace between the United States and Britain. These are some of the accomplishments and achievements that made George Washington a hero and an important historical figure in the United States. George Washington died in 1799.

George Washington: Leadership Style

George Washington can be described as a charismatic leader for the people of America. He possessed transformational leadership skills, bringing changes that benefited the people of the United States. For his leadership style and good qualities, George Washington was accepted by all the Americans. He had the support of the people in reform processes and constitutional amendments processes.


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