A Complete Tutorial On Writing A Five-Paragraph Academic Essay

A five paragraph academic essay might appear easy until you begin to write. There is a lot to be done before the five paragraphs are accepted in academics and awarded a good mark. The value of the five paragraphs will be determined by what you do before writing, what you write and what happens after writing. Here is a guide to producing the best five-paragraph essay.

  • Understand the Requirements
  • There are unique instructions for every test or paper in class. Though the instructions in this case require five paragraphs, you must additionally consider the formatting style, title of your work and the perspective adopted, among other requirements. The wrong perspective will affect your score because it deviates from basic requirements. Review the instructions issued and ensure that you are proceeding in the right direction.

  • Brainstorm on Your Points
  • Depending on your topic, five paragraphs are either too many or insufficient. However, a good writer will find a way of fitting all the materials within the paragraphs. You must begin from a point where you are aware of all the points you will be expected to include. These points are revealed during brainstorming. Allow the points to flow from your head with little regard for the order, strength or appropriateness. This gives you ideas to work with. It is from the points gathered that you will create an outline.

  • Create an Outline
  • An outline indicates the flow of ideas or points from the first to the last and how they will be distributed throughout your paper. Allocate the strongest points to appear at the top while weaker ones appear in the middle. Always end with a strong point to make your arguments compelling. Consider a catchy phrase that will be used in the introduction and another as you conclude.

  • Support Your Arguments
  • Ensure that you have enough points to support your position on any idea. It is not enough to mention a point without indicating its relevance to the discussion. Find the strongest and most compelling words to support every point you include in your paper. Include citations where necessary and make references to avoid the accusation of plagiarism.

The best arguments and strongest points will be obscured by typographical and grammatical errors. Ensure that you thoroughly edit your essay before handing it over for assessment. You may need the assistance of an independent reader to polish your work.

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