Customer Retention Strategies

Customer retention is a set of processes implemented or steps taken to cut off customer churn rate or defections. Retaining a customer means you are maintaining their lifetime value, that is, the value of their whole future relationship with your business. Retaining customers refers to both retaining customer’s spend and their power to influence other potential clients. Customer retention is incredibly crucial for growing a sustainable business. Businesses can retain their customers by understanding by understanding the customer journey, that is, the typical customer’s lifecycle by uncovering opportunities to improve and to identify the businesses’ weak points that cause the defection. You can act to retain your customers by identifying why they are exiting to your competitors. Customer retention is very crucial for any business as it very extensive sourcing for other clients than retaining existing customers and this can lead to significant effects on the profitability. Effective retention strategies not only encompass preserving the lifetime value but also transforming the existing customers into promoters which significantly promotes the business’ growth through the word of mouth marketing.

Types of customer retention strategies

Customer retention is on the minds of medium-sized and small businesses across the globe. With the escalating customer acquisition costs, companies need to assume and innovate a proactive role in retaining customers. The first type of customer retention strategy is setting customer expectations. This involves setting client expectation early to build better customer retention. Don’t wait, the early the better. You can eliminate uncertainty as to level of services you need to provide to ensure the satisfaction of your clients by setting a tad lower than you can provide and expectations early. This clear vision helps you in ensuring you always over delivering and to build KPIs around particular expectations. The second type of customer retention strategy is the expert. Medium-sized and small businesses largely depend on services to run their operation. No matter the type of industry you occupy, being the expert in your particular field, will lead to retaining more customers. To help reduce customer churn and build customer loyalty, become your customers trusted advisor. Being the entrusted source on all technology, you build a dependency relationship with the client.

Benefits of customer retention strategies

The most crucial benefit of customer retention is cutting on expenses to source other customers thus considerably affecting the profitably. Sourcing new customers is practically expensive. Through the use of customer retention strategies, businesses are able to retain their customers. Customer retention strategies help companies understand their customers’ needs and expectations therefore identifying means and strategies to timely address and meet them.


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