How to Get Cheap Descriptive Essay Examples: Basic Tips

Descriptive essays are a type of writing assignment that asks students to describe something – a person, an object, an experience, a place, an emotion, etc. – using a thoughtful and creative account of the subject. Most people choose either a person, place or object as their subject, but there are so many other things to write about. The best way to go about learning how to construct one of these essays is by reviewing and studying examples of it. Here are some basic tips for finding cheap descriptive essays online:

Purchase an Example from a Writing Service

Writing services are great places to find affordable sample papers for nearly any type of assignment in any discipline. Papers are written by writing professionals with academic backgrounds so you can be sure you are receiving a quality paper written to exact specifications. Be sure, however, that you do some research before selecting a company since some writing services can exaggerate their abilities and guarantees.

Buy an Example Essay from a Writing Tutor

You should also consider finding a writing tutor who can write an example paper for you in a short time. Tutors are likely students that are a little strapped for cash, so for the right price you can get a quality written descriptive essay to use as a sample. Just be sure you don’t attempt to hand in the paper as your own; this is considered cheating and the consequences are greater than the risks you take.

Visit a Chatroom or Forum and Offer to Buy a Paper

Another great place to find a well-written descriptive essay is in a writer’s chatroom or discussion forum. Students and young writers flock to these sites to offer one another help. You may find someone who has written several descriptive essays in the past or you may find someone willing to write a fresh paper from scratch. Simply post your request, how much you are willing to pay, and watch as the responses flood your inbox.

Contact a Freelance Writer Who Can Provide Sample Writings

A final solution is to actively find an experienced freelance writer who will provide you with one or two sample essays. Freelance writers take on all sorts of projects for a living, so the thought of selling their skilled writing isn’t something new. Going this route allows you to research your options more thoroughly by reviewing portfolios and reading reviews. Settle on a price and discuss your needs exactly just so you can be sure there aren’t any misunderstandings.


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