The Best Way To Write An Essay On Why 2 Heads Are Better Than One

Writing a synthesis essay demands the ability to acquire, understand, digest information and present it in an attractive and organized way. Be it a college or a school student or a corporate executive, there always comes a reason and necessity to write an essay on certain topics such as ‘why two heads are better than one’ as the importance of team effort and combined thinking has been realized all through a person’s life. Let us explore the best way to write a synthesis essay on this topic and make it as easy as possible.

Writing an essay on such creative topics is pretty simple and its format demands just six original sentences and the rest of the essay focuses on reiteration and supporting ideas that support those original sentences. This way the essay could keep the reader at the middle of the square with all sides protected and move them forward methodically, carefully defending their objections and doubts as and when they arise. The important components of the essay are,


The introduction for this topic should feature a broad hook and express the Meta theme of the paper. The thesis for the essay expressed in the introductory part should specify or codify this hook with relation to the topic or subject of discussion. It should also include a sentence that projects the first paragraph of the essay body, one sentence each to throw light on the second and third paragraph of the essay respectively.

Paragraph 1:

The first paragraph of the thesis should include the first body paragraph thesis and appropriate evidence and analysis. The first paragraph should contain the entire concept of the body paragraph thesis in its context. The paragraph should begin with a strong piece of evidence, and comprise of quotes incorporated in its sentences.

Paragraph 2 and 3:

The second and third paragraph thesis are the main component of this body and it is better to have a number of supporting mini thesis statements along with supporting quotes on theme work stated by eminent authors, to make the essay body more interesting and attracting.


The concluding paragraph should restate the Meta theme that is how working together is beneficial than working single along with restatement of thesis one more time. The concluding paragraph should include one sentence each of the body paragraphs and carefully crafted concluding statements that not just summarizes the entire essay but leaves the reader with provocative thoughts and questions in their minds.


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