How To Write A Solid Introduction To A Narrative Essay: Basic Hints

The narrative essay is a very unique writing opportunity for students. It is something that utilizes more creative writing methods and brings with it a great deal of learning opportunities. If you are tasked with writing a narrative essay is important that you make sure your final formatting is correct. Many students were given the task of writing a narrative essay struggle with the introduction. Introduction is not nearly as complicated in area as it may seem.

  • The introduction is intended to serve as a form of frame. The introduction frames the argument you were going to present or the information you're going to present. When you begin working on your introduction for the narrative say you should note that the overall introduction should be roughly 10% of the total length of your final narrative essay. This means that if your narrative essay is 10 pages in length for introduction should take up one full page. In many cases the narrative is significantly shorter in that regard but nonetheless the 10% value remains true.
  • Your introduction should contain one sentence for every main point you're going to present in the body of your narrative. For example if you were going to present five key paragraphs in your narrative you will want 5 sentences in your introduction which balloon to the information contained in this paragraph. Your introductory paragraph is one of five total paragraphs in your overall narrative essay then you should have roughly 5 sentences in the paragraph, one for your thesis statement, one for each of your three body paragraphs and one of course for the conclusion.
  • Many students also worry about writing the introduction first since it does appear first in the organization of the paper but this is not required. You can write the introduction last after you have written all of the body paragraphs in this may work out better for you in the long run. You are welcome to return to the introduction as the final piece you write after you have finished the body paragraphs. It is also perfectly acceptable to make changes after you edit the body paragraphs.

When you write your introduction try to open with something that grabs the attention of the reader and makes them want to keep reading what you have to say. You can include things like startling quotes or facts.


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