Proofreading An Academic Paper: Effective Ways To Succeed

Proofreading is one of the most important things that you can do to your academic paper.  Proofreading see all of the mistakes in your paper before you hand it in.  Fixing these can make a big difference on your grade.  You can successful proofread you paper if you don’t know how to do it.  When you set down to read over and proofread your work, you want to make sure that you do large parts of it.

You can work on it for days but if you only do a sentence or two you might lose sight of the concept of the paper and fix mistakes that don’t need fixing.  Always walk away from your paper for a while after you finish, you don’t want to proofread fresh work that is still in your head.  You want to make sure that your academic paper is clear and concise, remove works like very, really, and so on to make it clearer.  Know what you are looking for in mistakes, think back to past papers and try to remember what you did wrong and look for those mistakes first.

How To Proofread Your Academic Paper

  • First you want to printout your academic paper, it is easier to find mistakes on a printout of your paper.
  • Read you paper out loud, you would be amazed at the mistakes that you can find once you hear yourself say it.  Reading it out loud helps you hear the mistakes, that you would have missed reading it to yourself.
  •  Use a blank piece of paper to cover all the lines that you aren’t reading.  Doing this will help you stay focused on that part of the paper and discourage you from looking ahead to see more mistakes.
  • If you can’t print out your paper then there are some options that you can do on your computer. First put your Word document in Focus, these make it easier to read.  Use text to speech to hear the paper read to you out loud.  Using the search feature in your Word document to find common mistakes that you have made in the past.  You can also use this to search for common mistakes like, they’re, their, and there.  Looking these up and reading them ensures that you have the right ones.  And lastly, this one might sound weird but try reading your paper backwards, many people find it easier to find mistakes this way.

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