Essay Writing Help: How to Write a Catchy Introduction in Three Steps

Are you tired of writing essay assignments but never get a good grade? Do you wonder where you lack in the essay writing process? Are you worried because the introduction of your paper does not provide enough insight to your readers? Do you want to compose a catchy introduction for your paper that can hook your audience? Do you need someone to help you write a great introduction? Are you wondering how to write winning introduction in an essay? Do you know what should your introduction include about your essay?

Before you move to the steps for an introduction, you need to understand the purpose and importance of introduction in an essay. An introduction is one of the most critical parts of your essay because this is the first thing your reader will see about your paper. It needs to be very clear and engaging so that the readers are interested to know more about your paper. An introduction needs to be able to do two things in your essay

  1. It should be able to present your topic in a catchy way that can hook your audience
  2. It should show what the rest of the paper is about. This is the thesis statement in your paper

These are two main purposes of the introduction in an essay. Now if you have to write an introduction for your paper, you should keep both these things in your mind. Below are three easy steps to help you write an introduction without trouble

  1. The first thing you need to do is understand your subject and topic both. You need to research your topic to understand the background and history of this subject. After you have, enough information you can think about what is relevant and what you should include in the introduction. You need to create a plan for your introduction paragraph in the first step
  2. After you have a plan, you can start writing the introduction. You need to make sure you do not start with a dictionary definition of the topic. Also, remember to include your hook in this paragraph that can keep your audience curious for more. If you need to include a thesis statement, it should be near the end of your introduction paragraph
  3. Remember to edit and improve your paragraph after you write it.

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