Google Plus

There is a lot to know about Google Plus. With the official launch, Google Plus is now open to everyone. Anyone can create a profile now and enjoy the many features and facets which are offered. With Google Plus you can create a profile, upload photos, send articles, view news related to your interests, talk to people with group video chat, and actively engage in the same features offered by social networks within the privacy concerns and limitations associated with Facebook or Twitter networks.

One of the major differences between Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus is the following system. With facebook you could only follow one person by looking at their updates once you became friends. You could follow groups or institutions once you “liked” them. With Twitter you can only follow a person but they might not follow you in return. With Google Plus you can follow anyone. They receive a notice but they do not know inside which circle they are placed. You can follow updates for other people through a follow circle like Twitter and add people to develop circles more akin to your growing interests. When you add someone to a circle you can then share with them your updates and see what they have shared with you. They receive the notification and then appear on your public profile.

Once you have your circles established in Google Plus you can take advantage of streaming and “bumping”. By clicking on your home button you can see the stream area. It is here that you will be able to stream information from people in your circles below their profile picture. You can select from which circles you want to stream, or you can enjoy the default streaming from all circles. The incoming option will show you messages which have been received from people who are not in your circles while the notification option will provide you with information similar to Facebook notifications—relating to comments, when someone adds you to their circle and the sparks section which contains conversations.

As with any social network, the biggest factor is the instant chat. This feature sits in the same position it did with gmail. You can limit the people who are able to chat with you when you use Google Plus. You can select only a few key circles for chat availability. When you post updates using Google Plus you have the option t post a status update, add a link, or post an image but it is not visible to everyone. Instead, when you post an update you must select the circle or the individual with whom you will share the update.


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