Great Advice On How To Write A Law School Essay Without Effort

When you consider the fact that you will be needed to write a law school essay abruptly, you can see why this kind of essay can be challenging. This is on top of the fact that we rarely write essays about ourselves ad this leaves us unprepared for this kind of writing. However, all is not lost as this article will help you learn how to write a law school essay personal statement.

Have a single theme and support it with one to three experiences

When writing your law school personal statement, one of the most important things to avoid is write your own story. For one, you do not have the time and space to do this as you cannot cram all the interesting life tales into a 2 page thesis. Instead, choose an experience that you feel is relevant that fit cohesively and also send out the values that you will take to the law school. Ensure that you are not only concise but you are straight to the point. This may require you to remove certain parts of your story that doesn’t fit to your theme.

In case you choose to write on your passion, overcoming adversity or your career, the key thing is to ensure that you have one solid theme. This theme should about the experiences that you have already described in the personal statement. You will notice that your theme develops as you start to discuss the experience.

Be professional

There are certain topics that you can discuss in the application document that can evoke some strong emotions. This is particularly the case when writing diversity statements, personal statements as well as addendums. You should ensure that you are able to discuss these issues in a professional way. You should avoid:

  • Writing in a tone that is overly emotional

  • Writing in a desperate, sarcastic or facetious tone

  • Discussing some intimate details of your live

  • Describing events and situations using generalization instead of facts

  • Boasting on your achievements

Instead, you should be realistic when giving your experiences. You do not have to go with popular belief that the personal statement is your opportunity to promote yourself.

Keep your essay simple

Use phrases that are not only concise but are also easy to read. This will make your essay easy for the reader to digest. Avoid unnecessary complexity that doesn’t add any value to the reader.

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