How To Write An Intro For An Essay About Playing Soccer

The game of soccer is so fun that is has been around for quite some time. It's no surprise that people of most ages play the sport. If you had to write an informational essay about soccer, there are a lot of ways you could open a little story about it. What could you say to introduce others to this game? Sure, lots of people already know about it. Maybe there is something people do not know about it. Such as where it originated from.

What to Open Your Essay With

Rather than sharing all of the typical information about soccer, go on to explain the origins of the group play. Tell others who came up with the game. In your homework assignment, begin with not going on about the basics but instead start with what you would want to know yourself. Go with the more than one person who likely began the sport to begin with. This game was probably started by a few people who agreed with a few ideas.

  • You'll get a rough idea of who invented the game.

  • Find out how far the game goes in history.

  • Learn what people wore to play the game.

What did the players wear? You have to wonder if they always wore cleats so they could get traction as they ran. As you do your studies on this paper, you will find out all kinds of things you didn't know about even the footwear associated with soccer. What kind of soccer balls did they start off with?

Questions Answered about This Great Sport

Was soccer or baseball thought about first? That is something you're going to find out by the time you are done with your paper. That and many more things. Start your paper with an opening to revealing all of this information. A way to draw your audience in to want to know more about the play. These are enough tips to help someone write an excellent review of what they learned about this. From the catchy opening to how it is played today.

They didn't use to have professional players for this year ago. You can angle part of your piece about that as well. Mention that all of the questions one might have had about the game are about to be answered in your intro.


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