Inventing A Good Title For An Essay On Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare wrote 33 plays, Julius Caesar being one of them. It is incredible how a lot of us identify the great monarch not through the historical sketches but from the character sketches of this play. This speaks volumes about the brilliance of the Bard.

Spark of inspiration

When asked to write an essay on Julius Caesar, you may be sparked on different counts. In the same vein, you may end up without a clue in the world. You should not shy away and proceed to get immediate help from this site for better coverage.

You need to understand that Julius Caesar was an extremely powerful king and he loved showing off; bringing his winnings and the vanquished in form of processions. He was also too ahead of his times in mooting over democracy (he lived in 1st century BCE).

Different traits

When you go through Shakespeare’s play, you will note that he was arrogant yet feisty; fastidious and yet generous. The manner in which he left most of his possessions to commoners in his will is a testament to his generosity.

He trusted his friends to a fault; Brutus and Antony being two specimens. Ironically, Brutus was one of the conspirators behind Caesar’s death. You can thus clearly see visions of nobility and duplicity in the same fold in the play.

The instinctive urges

Julius Caesar managed to tame the enigmatic Cleopatra, who used to marry kings and then urged other kings to behead her husband and win her. Thus, Caesar was clearly not above human urges. He was also quite superstitious, in what was the general order those days.

Still, Caesar is considered one of the most enchanting and strong Roman kings ever. His rules and legacy still get copied by democratic countries. Here are 10 interesting titles on Julius Caesar for your sake –

  1. Write about Caesar’s conquests and his taming of Cleopatra

  2. Who was the nobler one – Caesar or Brutus?

  3. Did Caesar actually suffer from physical as well as psychological ague?

  4. Did Caesar die of wounds or the betrayal by Brutus?

  5. Write about the character of Cassius; analyze him in depth

  6. Did Caesar suffer from conceit; did he have a grotesque image of himself in his mind?

  7. How you can suggest that Caesar was generous?

  8. Write on the significance of the return of Caesar’s ghost in the play

  9. Write about the position of women in Caesar’s kingdom

  10. Justify Cassius’s stance in the play Julius Caesar


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