How To Write A Good Exploratory Essay: Tips & Tricks

The most important thing to understand about writing essays is knowing the type you are asked to write. For example, an exploratory essay is very different from argumentative or persuasive essays. In this type of paper, you are not writing to convince your target audience about the validity of a given topic or idea. Instead, you will be writing to explore more on a given issue and through your findings, draw preliminary conclusions on how such issues can be handled or solved. This is more of what exploratory essays are about. If you are having issues on how to write yours, listed below are a few tips and tricks to get you started on the right track. They are:

  • Make a choice of the best topic for your paper: This tip is very important because when you choose a topic that interests you, the level of energy, time and resources you devote to its completion will be far higher than when you are working on a topic that bores you out of your mind. Giving your paper your best shot maximizes your chances of getting higher scores.
  • Create an outline: The outline of your essay is what forms the logical structure for your paper. It is a way of organizing the writing process so that you treat each possible solution one after the other without losing focus. Without an outline, you will be going back and forth like a lost driver without map. You don’t want that.
  • Create a compelling introduction: The success and popularity of your work starts on this page. Be concise in explaining the problem of the paper to your target audience. Apart from informing them, the introduction should make them want to read more or further.
  • Investigate the problem: Bearing in mind that the aim of the paper is to offer multiple valid solutions to the problem, write in detail the positive and negative sides of these solutions without sounding persuasive. For the quality of your research to be rated high, ensure that these findings or solutions are valid.
  • Conclude and proofread your work: The final stage of writing your exploratory essay is the conclusion and proofreading. Your conclusion should be created as a smart statement based on the results of your findings or research. After that, go through your work several times to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors that could reduce your scores.

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