Creating An Essay About Technology And Innovation: 3 Helpful Tips

Technology is an inseparable part of our life. It makes all its aspects easier and helps solve all possible problems. However, it is innovation that improves technology and makes it progress step by step. Lots of interesting topics can be covered in your essay about technology and innovation, and whichever issue you choose to explore, it’s unlikely that your topic will be obsolete or tired. However, the success of your paper depends not only on the topic but also on your ability to meet both the general standards and your teacher’s specific requirements.

Understanding the Assignment

Read the writing prompt carefully. It’s the first and foremost tip every student should keep in mind before setting about doing anything. The assignment details will tell you what kind of essay you should produce. Just pay attention to the keywords used in the prompt.

  • If you are asked to discuss what technological innovations exist in medicine nowadays or give information about the benefits and drawbacks of applying technological advances in communication, you are expected to craft an expository piece of writing.

  • If you should argue for or against a particular invention or analyze whether technological innovations have a more positive or negative impact on business or any other area of life, you are supposed to prove your personal viewpoint in an argumentative paper.

Planning the Content and Structure

Decide what you’ll write about and how you’ll organize your paper.

  • In an expository essay about technology and innovation, you should clearly inform your reader of the topic and support your thesis with valid facts. Your opinion doesn’t matter and you are not allowed to be biased or subjective in this type of writing. If not assigned otherwise, the number of body paragraphs will depend on the number of key points you are going to expose in your paper.

  • If it is an argumentative paper you are writing, you should convince the reader to see things from your perspective. For example, if you strongly believe that technological advances are harmful to interpersonal communication, state your opinion in the thesis and prove it in the subsequent body paragraphs. Your arguments along with supporting details should be provided in separate body paragraphs.

Following the Basics

Craft your essay about technology and innovation in compliance with all basic rules of academic writing.

  • Create a catchy introduction: start with an interesting fact, a funny story, or a quote.

  • Clearly articulate your thesis statement in the introduction.

  • Make your writing flow smoothly by applying relevant transitions.

  • Restate your thesis and synthesize the main points in the conclusion.

  • Be simple and concise.

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