Human Trafficking

The trading of human beings has been around as long as we can all remember. Human trafficking has essentially been conducted for reasons of sexual slavery commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor among many other reasons. This could include offering a spouse though in a coerced marriage or for infamous acts of extracting body tissues and organs. It can also be done for oval removal and surrogacy. The criminals can decide whatever they please to do with the abducted persons. The acts can take place both at the national level and international sphere. It is a highly punishable crime owing to the fact that it undermines a person’s right of freedom and movement through the use of force, all for the purpose of commercial misuse and exploitation. It is simply defined as a trade that involves people as the products and does not have to move an individual of an individual from one point to another.

The international reproach

Human trafficking has been a highly contested topic all over the world. It is highly condemned by international partners as a violation of human rights particularly through international conventions. It is a very serious violation of the law that attracts serious punishment. Across the world, there have been cases of human trafficking involving children, women and men. Therefore, the matter has been a global concern for all parts of the world. Almost every nation is facing the challenge of human trafficking regardless of whether it is the origin of the victims, the transit station or the final destination.

Human trafficking aspects

Based on its definition, human trafficking has three important elements for it to succeed: the act, the means and the intentions. The act defines what exactly is involved in the recruitment, moving, transfer, receipt and harboring of individuals. The means accounts for the manner in which it is accomplished. It is normally conducted by way of coercion, threats, and the use of force, fraud, abuse, deception and the vulnerability of the victim. Payments can also be made to a person who acts as the custodian of the possible victim. All this is done for a given purpose. It is primarily done for exploitation which takes into account inhuman acts of sexual abuse and forced labor.

Human trafficking is an unfortunate occurrence to have existed in our time. There is a lot that has transpired over the years and the systems involved in combating this vice are continuously getting challenged from every side. It is therefore too serious to be left in the hands of a few people.

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