How To Make A Persuasive Essay – A Comprehensive Tutorial

A persuasive essay is a type of expository paper where the author should take a position on some important issue and defend it with several arguments. Unlike in an argumentative paper, in a persuasive paper, you aren’t obligated to use only factual evidence to support your arguments. Well-expressed and logical statements can also serve as good support.

If you’ve never composed persuasive papers before, you need to know what steps should be taken in order to create a paper that will impress your teacher and earn you an excellent grade.

Guidelines for Writing a Persuasive Essay

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. One should pick a subject of discussion that really interests or concerns them. Otherwise, they won’t be able to persuade the reader that they’re right. Try to select a unique topic rather than something that will definitely be discussed by other students too.

  3. Come up with arguments.
  4. In a five-paragraph academic paper, you should raise, at least, three good arguments. If you have a strong opinion on the chosen topic, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find reasons to defend it. You might need to conduct a small investigation to find supporting evidence for each of your arguments, however.

  5. Write an introduction.
  6. Start your paper with a hook, a sentence that grabs the attention of the reader. You may use some interesting or shocking fact related to your topic as a hook. Then, introduce your general topic and explain why it should be discussed. Finish the paragraph by making a statement that you’re going to defend and briefly listing your arguments.

  7. Write a body.
  8. You should have three body paragraphs that are directly related to the main problem under review. Raise each argument in a separate paragraph. Start a paragraph with a topic sentence. Then, provide support for an argument. Finish the paragraph with a transition to the next argument.

  9. Write a conclusion.
  10. The last paragraph should restate all topic sentences and convey your main message based on the presented arguments.

Using Persuasive Essay Examples to Write Better Papers of Your Own

To get an idea of how to compose your text, you may read persuasive papers written by other students. A good source of sample papers is your school library. It should store plenty of different academic works composed by students over the years.

You may also search for templates in other places. Visit local academic centers to get professionally written examples or browse the Internet to download samples without leaving your home.

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