Time-Saving Techniques for Those Looking for an Essay Example

It can be so distracting when you are looking for essay samples and you can end up spending a lot of time surfing the internet and not finding what you are really looking for.

Start by making a note of the type of paper example you are searching for. In particular -

  • What level are you aiming at? College? High School?
  • What is the type of paper you are looking for? Is it descriptive, process or an argument essay?
  • What is the length of paper?
  • What level of ability? Are you looking for an average paper or an example of outstanding work?


  • Ask your tutor if they have examples of essays that they could share with you. They may have already given the class an example.
  • Ask your classmates if they have found or have some good examples.
  • Ask your school of college librarian if they have access to some examples. If they have as you already have your specifications then they can easily locate some for you.
  • Check out the internet.

Now, consider which search engine you will use.

  • You will need to access an academic search engine.
  • You will need to use most of the details that you have defined as key words.
  • Make a note of the order in which you use the key words.
  • When you hit on a useful site make a note of the website address

Once you have found a useful website

  • Are the samples free? Even if they are free you may have to sign up t their website to get to login. You should only need to give your email address and a few details but most definitely not any bank details or card details. If the site asks for this don't go any further. Go to the next site on your list.
  • Are the samples marked so as you get a good idea as what is considered an outstanding essay; an average essay and a poor one?
  • If you are looking for examples, you obviously would like to see what techniques the writer uses to make their essay flow seamlessly in a logical progression, you would also be interested in how the writer introduces the topic and how they pull all the threads together at the end. Ideally you would need to find a paper that has been annotated by the tutor, so as you can use the process as a learning experience.

Another suggestion is the use of utube. There are several videos where tutors will talk you through the strengths and weaknesses of a sample essay. Just use the key words that you identified earlier.


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