What To Write A Persuasive Essay On: 7 Interesting Suggestions To Consider

When you have got to shine in academia, there should be no room for mistakes or excuses. At the very least, hard work should be a mantra that you work by each and every day. Well, around the world and at all levels of academia, there are students who are struggling to make the best out of the little they have in terms of academic resources. However, while at the end of the school term, quite a good number usually register good performance, there are those who hardly get closer to above average grades. Well, each and every student out there deserves to be helped and so, with an aim of assisting weak students get to the top, scholars and experts have always come up with wide ranging approaches to among things, how to write a persuasive essay well and rest assured of good grades. There is no doubt many students have benefited from such undertakings. However, teachers and learners should also be cognizant of the fact that slow learners need time to cope and those who are not so well endowed with good writing skills need extra guidance at all times. This brings us to the question of; where can one get the right help with essay writing? Also, are there better suggestions to help students write creatively?

Over the years, one of the most helpful approaches to writing persuasive, informational and other type of articles has been through essay writing prompts, otherwise known as ideas. Well, when you are stuck on what to write on, you can always fall back to this and come up with amazing topics. With this in mind, this post takes you some very interesting persuasive writing ideas to consider.

  • Going to school in uniform and especially among those in high school should be abolished. This is something you can write a persuasive essay on. If you approach it well and back your arguments with convincing and mind-blowing facts or reasons, you can be rest assured of a masterpiece at the end of it all.

  • Marijuana should be used in surgical procedures. This is also another interesting area on which you can base persuasive essay.

  • The use of HIV/AIDS anti-retroviral encourages the spread of the disease. This can also bring forth interesting viewpoints in the name of persuasive writing.

  • Countries should be allowed to stockpile nuclear weapons

  • Global warming is caused by rich nations

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