The Evolving Future Of Hr Practice

If you were to find an example of changing times, nothing would be a better example than the first ten years of the twenty first century. For one because it's the most recent example but also because the evolution of standard practices has increased incredibly due to technological advances in social science and therefore business.

This means that mindsets have drastically changed overnight putting more demand on human resources. Here we’ll look at some of those changes.

2008’s Financial Crisis And Employment

2008 was the year that most will remember as when the market crashed, people were losing their homes and the workforce took a hit worldwide. Human resources departments are the point of entry for all jobs and with more people losing their positions, Hr had to adjust to the demand.

What this meant was that they were no longer hiring at the level they were once before and vetting the right candidate required more detail. This meant that jobs had to cut costs, coordinate with contractors differently, take benefit compensation into account and more. Economies in the majority of the world’s developed countries were impacted. In hindsight, human resources and job growth would never be the same again.

Hr’s Technological Infrastructure

Social media now plays a part in everything which -- unless you were watching trends and able to apply those to the Hr departments at the business level -- you wouldn’t have seen it coming. For instance, cloud computing has changed things to where companies are able to store and secure data differently.

This has forced developers to create new software that manages Hr data as well as connecting employees together in a different way. Now, management of all of that data is easier to control and with immediate response for faster processing. For instance, an Hr management system for a call center monitors everything in real time with regards to the employee’s schedule. When they clock-in or out and take breaks to process payment more efficiently.

More Engaging With Employees

Even before the technological breakthroughs we see today, businesses in other countries were putting the employee first with the understanding that they were more than just a producer of labor and products. They are human, which means that there was a more conscious effort to make the employee feel at ease where they spend the majority of their time, which is at work.

Human resources departments coordinate these types of programs and send the message out through the network that encourages more positive behavior and practices. This is taken more seriously today and is evolving to make work more fun and interesting to leave the house for. Human interaction is key.


Technology and awareness of the human condition are working together to make the future of Hr practice easier for both the business and the employee. With so many changes taking place, there’s never going to be complete certainty as to how this can be properly managed other than with awareness of what’s important to the workforce.


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