A List of Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Consider

An argumentative essay is one that chooses a side on an issue where there are near equal supporters and opposition and proves that side. It is not an opinionated article. It is one that simply states the facts.

Unlike other essay styles, you are required to write an additional paragraph for this essay style. You would write you introduction, three body paragraphs supporting your main point, and a conclusion. However, you would add an additional paragraph that told the view of the opposing side and then explain why this could not be the case. So you present the case and then refute it.

Compelling topics to choose from

  1. Should abortion be allowed in the case of rape?
  2. Should animal testing only be allowed for medical purposes?
  3. Should marijuana be legalized for more than just medicinal use?
  4. Should everyone be required to donate organs upon death?
  5. Should there be more controls over the content that people put on Facebook? Is it an invitation to be stalked?
  6. Should individuals have the right to decide when they die? Should mercy killings be allowed?
  7. Can a long distance relationship really work?
  8. Can a vegetarian diet be healthy?
  9. Are cellular phones beneficial to our lives or have they made us too connected?
  10. Should students be able to access their textbooks on tablets?
  11. How dangerous is nuclear medicine to the individuals that deal with it every day?
  12. Should there be an age limit on when you can get married?
  13. What age is the best age to become parents?
  14. Should individuals who are very different ages be in a relationship?
  15. Would school uniforms deter students from being bullied?

The topic makes a huge difference because if you are passionate about the topic, you will tend to come up with some more compelling reasons to support your side of the issue. If the topic really doesn’t mean anything to you, you will have to struggle to come up with strong cases to support your ideas.

This type of paper just works better when you have a little fire or emotion inside on the topic that you want to write about. You want to argue your point and the only time you argue is when it is something that matters to you. If you’re not arguing, then you really don’t care that much.


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