17 Exciting Proposal Essay Topics For College Students

A proposal essay has the similar purpose and structure as a problem solution one. You need to think of a potential gap that no one has discussed so far and propose your solution on it. In order to write such a topic you need to carry out research and understand your subject first. During your research, you need to find out a possible gap or area that you can address. First, you need to find and identify the problem that you will address. Once you have a problem to discuss, you can then propose its solution in the form of your topic.

If you are not sure how to compose a winning topic for a proposal essay then you certainly need some assistance. The topic of your paper must be unique and engaging if you want to hook your audience and want them to read your paper until the end. To be able to understand the style and tone for this topic you need to look at example topics and follow them as a guide. It is not necessary that you like or agree with all of the topics below, but you need to get an idea from here

Catchy topics for a proposal essay

  1. How can educational institutes control the increasing cases of sexual assaults on campus?
  2. What is rape culture and how should students change it
  3. The importance of sexual education for high school students
  4. Should there be an emergency helpline service dedicated to rape scenarios
  5. How should the society treat or help a rape victim recover
  6. What is the best way to treat patients with mental sickness
  7. Is prevention better than cure for mental health patients
  8. Should the games and cartoons be strictly censored for violence
  9. What is the possible way to show lesser violence on news and media without changing the actual event or news
  10. Will gun control laws play a role in controlling mass shootings
  11. What is the best possible way to control poverty in a community
  12. Can bullying and shaming result to a suicide
  13. Should the public or private sector pay more attention to therapy programs and counseling for teenagers
  14. What is the reason for increasing suicide rates in certain institutes
  15. Can educational stress cause a student to attempt suicide
  16. How does a monopoly work
  17. What steps the government should take to control obesity rates

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