A List of Intriguing Rogerian Essay Topics for High School Students

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Rogerian essay style dates back to the Ancient Greek times. In Rogerian style, the speaker starts his argument in the middle ground of the issue. He does not appear to lean to the for or the against side of the argument until he or she is well into the essay. This is a very unique argumentative style. It odes lend itself well to essays. If your teacher assigns you a Rogerian essay, you should consider some of the following essay topics.

Rogerian Essay Topics for High school Students

  • The United States should have Relationships with Cuba
  • The United States Should Not Have Relationships with Cuba
  • Marijuana should be Declared Legal
  • Marijuana should not be Declared Legal
  • Same Sex Marriage Should Be Deemed Legal
  • Same Sex Marriage Should not be Deemed Legal
  • Testing on Animals Should not be Legal
  • Testing on Animals Should be Legal
  • Schools should use Ipad Books
  • Schools should not Use Ipad Books
  • School should be Year Round
  • School should not be Year Round
  • Owning Guns should be Allowed
  • Owning Guns should not be Allowed
  • Smoking in Public should be Allowed
  • Smoking in Public Should not be Allowed
  • Core Standards Should Exist in School
  • Core Standards should not exist in School
  • The United States has a Police Brutality Issue
  • The United States does not have a Police Brutality Issue
  • There should be Armed Security at Schools
  • There should not be Armed Security at Schools
  • The Drinking Age should be Lowered
  • The Drinking Age should not be Lowered
  • ISIS is a Horrible Terrorist Group
  • ISIS is not a Horrible Terrorist Group

The Rogerian essay is in MLA style. It is designed to help opposing sides come to finite conclusions concerning a topic. The style is smooth, very considerate, and understanding of each side. It is a reasonable and subtle form of an argumentative essay. The word compromise could be used when speaking about Rogerian style papers. There are no winners and there are no definite decisions after a Rogerian essay, instead there is a clear understanding of each side and how that side feels about a topic. There will be citations as well as a reference page with a Rogerian style essay. It is not what you say when writing a Rogerian style essay, but instead it is how you say it in A Rogerian style essay.


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