The World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organisation is the only organisation that deals with and devises the rules by which international trade is effective and safe for all the nations involved. The WTO is not about preventing international trade, it is about making sure that there are supported standards between that enable and support the companies or individuals of products and services the way the products or services are exported and the manner that the products and services are brought into a different country (imports).

The WTO, is focussed primarily on communication. Communication takes place though face to face meetings to discuss trading problems and issues that could be new or they discuss ways to improve systems that are already in place. At meetings of the WTO, negotiations and discussions take place that govern the format of international trading. This type negotiation and discussing concerning trading is not new, it goes back several hundred years, but perhaps not as globally as in its present format.

The WTO is not just about liberating trade it, the WTO also helps to maintain any trade barriers that may already be in place. Such barriers may include the export/import of indigenous plants or animals that may cause disease or destruction to an already fragile eco-system. An example here would look at the plants that Victorian explorers brought back to Britain. Many of these plants although not indigenous to Britain were greatly welcomed by the Victorian gardener, but notable one particular 'garden' plant is now outlawed as it spreads very quickly and kills off indigenous plants and can cause damage to buildings. It has been known that the presence of this plant can severely impact on the value of a house, sometimes by cutting the sale price by half.

The WTO will also use trading sanctions against countries that flout their rules especially if there are political sanctions already in place. It should also be noted that the WTO will also act to protect consumers for imported products that may cause the spread of disease.

The trading agreements made by the WTO may appear to be very wordy and bound in complexity, but this is because they are in fact legally bound agreements that cover all aspects of trading whether it is agricultural, banking, safety or copyright issues. These agreements have become increasingly more important, especially given globalization of trade and services, it makes sure that everyone works with a international partner has rights of redress that can be upheld.

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