A List of Controversial Philosophy Essay Topics for College

What to remember when devising a controversial title for a philosophy essay

When coming up with controversial titles for philosophy essays it is important to keep on topic. Although it may be tempting to write about something that you find particularly interesting, if it is not relevant to your current studies then it may not be appropriate to write about.

It is also important to respect boundaries when writing about controversial titles. Although you should not be afraid to create a well-written article, be sure not to cross over any boundaries whilst writing the work.

Essay styles that are most appropriate for writing a controversial philosophy essay

Depending on the topic and title of the paper, there are many essay styles that can be appropriate. If you need to write an essay based on a predetermined style of writing then it is important to choose a topic that fits in with this style. However, if you are free to choose which style of writing to use then it may well be that you would want to use an argumentative or persuasive style.

The persuasive style will generally aim to back up your point of view using a series of logically thought out arguments. For a basic paper there may be an introduction that outlines the specific point of view. The body then may contain three or four arguments that backup what is trying to be said or, alternatively, disapprove any arguments that may disagree with your point of view. Finally, based on the arguments in the body section of the paper, the conclusion should neatly wrap up the whole piece of work.

Some examples of controversial titles

  • Is it ever right to take a life in order to save a life?
  • Does God exist?
  • If God exists then why too does pain and suffering?
  • Is karma punishing disabled people for sins in a previous life?
  • Do humans actually have free will?
  • Define what truth is
  • Is reality what we really think it is?

The importance of being able to back up a controversial point of view

If the point of view is controversial then it is important to be able to justify why you have sided it. Essentially, there is no point causing controversy just for the sake of it; therefore, you need to be able to come up with valid arguments as to why you have taken such a stance.


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