A List Of Exciting Essay Topics On The Stranger

The Stranger by Albert Camus is one of the most well known topics of Existential Literature, and it was probably the most well known book Camus had written; what are some of the topics that are relevant to the book:

  • Is the world of the stranger is irrational? If so, how do the characters react to it
  • What is the relationship between the main character Meursault and Marie
  • What is the relationship of Meursault with Raymond Sintes
  • What is the style of The Stranger?
  • Is Meursault a threat to those around him?

Is the world of the stranger irrational?

The author when writing the novel does not give any clear motive of the events that have transpired. Why does the main character Meursault kill the Arab, was there any motive for taking the Arab’s life? Throughout the book Camus uses irrational actions in order to justify one’s own worth. This how many of the characters are portrayed.

What is the relationship with Meursault, and Marie?

Throughout the book we see that Meursault’s relationship with Marie is one that is seen as a physical relationship, and does not seem to have any desire in marrying her. The relationship does not really change when Meursault is imprisoned. Marie does visit him, and does show sympathies, but Meursault misses her more so because of the physical interaction, than the companionship, but at times Meursault does feel lonely.

What is the relationship of Meursault with Raymond Sintes?

Both Meursault and Sintes seem to have very different personalities where as Sintes is very vocal, and very abusive; Meursault is very calm and seems to be one who you could trust more, but sometimes that can make someone even more dangerous, due to the fact that Meursault comes across as being more trustworthy, and yet he still committed an act of murder.

What is the style of The Stranger?

This can be something where you need to address the book and its connection with Existentialism, but also does Meursault interact with the characters differently. When Meursault is imprisoned how does this change him? Does it change him at all?

Is Meursault a threat?

When answering this question, you first need to ask did he have an ulterior motive, if he was simply unbalanced, then you could argue that he poses a threat to those around him. But if the Arab was a bigger threat does that make Meursault unbalanced? Could eliminating the Arab save so many people from grief? What was there a sound rational motive, or is Meursault a deluded madman?


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