Using Proofread Essay Examples: Tips For College Students

Proofread essay as the name suggests has been read and approved by a knowledgeable person in that domain. Proofreading need not necessarily be done by an expert it can be done by any person who has some knowledge or information. Proofreading can also be done only to check the structure and the grammatical errors. A lot of time proofread essays are taken up as example to write another piece.

During college days, when a student has to write a number of pieces for various topics, it is always easier to have a sample to write down his own. The student does not want to miss on his grades because of small mistakes such as the structure, number of passages, references, etc.

Given below are a few tips to help college students to use proofread essays as examples:

  1. Using relevant works for structure
  2. Works which are not of the same subject or domain are useless to be taken up as example. For example, if a student wants to write on English literature and takes up a history essay as a sample, then the content will not match in terms of structure and method of writing. History focuses on data and relation whereas English literature focuses on emotions and meanings.

  3. Using multiple essays
  4. One piece cannot serve as a good sample to write another one. The student has to arrange for multiple pieces to help him understand the matter and how to write it. This might also give him some relevant information to include in his own article. Plagiarism must be put to check while doing so. The student must borrow ideas from the essays he has referred to and develop his own piece rather than simply writing the same thing over and again.

  5. Approaching the proof reader
  6. The student can approach the person who had proofread the papers he is taking up as example. This will ensure that the authors of the work give credibility by mentioning the proofreader’s name. This can help the student to get ideas and if nothing else, get a draft approved by the proofreader.

  7. Borrowing topics
  8. A lot of times it becomes difficult to choose a topic to write on if the professor leaves the subject open ended and asks the student to write on anything that they feel comfortable in. Proofread essays as a good source of knowing what topics can be acceptable and how to write them.


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