What Are the Ingredients of the Best Persuasive Essay Topics?

The persuasive essay is one where your main goal is to persuade just as the name would suggest. You are meant to persuade your reader that the argument you are proposing is the best argument. In the end you want to ensure that the reader of your paper will finish what you have created and immediately walk away in agreement with you.

So what are the ingredients of the best persuasive essay topics?

  • Ingredient #1: Start with something you are interested in. The more passionate you are about the subject the more that will come off in the writing and the more your reader will be impressed by your content.
  • Ingredient #2: Add some sugar and spice. This means that you should make it interesting. Do not use only boring and recycled arguments that students have been using for years. If you can add something unique then do so. It can be something sweet or something bitter. If you want to shock the audience either ingredient will do. You can take an old essay topic and spice it up with a new angle.

**note: never use something half baked. When you are picking the best essay topic make sure you have thought it through and that you are fully prepared with a complete topic. You will have to research the topic a bit before you decide on it permanently just to ensure there is enough research information out there that you can use. So think through your topic entirely.

Finding the right topic is not as difficult as it may seem. Many students struggle because a lot is dependent upon the topic. If they pick something boring or something which turns out to be a dead end it can lead to a bad grade.

You can draw upon things that you have recently read about in the newspapers, or seen on television. If you recently watched a documentary about Burma, and you are taking an international political course, you might be able to integrate something that you saw in the documentary on Burma as your term paper topic. If you have a passion for Guatemala and you are going to study abroad next year in Guatemala, you might be able to write something about Guatemala and microloans for your economics course. The nice thing about this is that in the process of the filling your term paper requirements, you can learn something that you will then apply to your actual life.

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