Tip Of The Day: Is It Safe To Buy An Essay Online?

The practice of purchasing a pre-written essay has been around almost as long as the practice of writing essays. Some students simply do not feel that they are capable of writing certain projects, some feel they do not have the time with the rest of their workload, and others still feel that they do not have to do the project themselves. There are a whole host of reasons why a student may be looking into buying an essay. With the technology and access to the internet available to students in today’s world, it is even easier to find places to buy essays from. The real question, however, remains, is it safe to buy an essay online? In this article, this and other essay purchasing issues are put to the test.

The simple answer here is, no it is not safe to purchase an essay online. Here are some of the reasons why.

Identity Theft

Depending on the website that the essay is purchased from and whether or not you use your credit/bank card, there is a very real possibility that mysterious charges to your account will start popping up. Many of these sites are shady, but hide behind a pleasant exterior. It is a very serious problem when credit card or banking information is stolen and unfortunately, there is no way to positively determine which sites are safe and which are not.


There is a very big chance that the quality of purchased essay will be very low. What is the point of turning in a sub-par project? Buying an essay has the potential to be rather expensive, so why pay all of that money for a D paper at best? It just is not worth it.

The Tip Off

Many teachers spend time searching for words and phrases online for the sole purpose of making sure their students are not getting their essay online. Even if the site claims that every project is unique, consider that after so many similar essays, that will all start to blend together. Consider also that buying an essay is the same as copying someone else’s paper.

The Ethics and Morals

Not only is it unsafe to purchase essay online or anywhere else, there are the issues of ethics and morals. Is it every ok to cheat? Because consider that in its essence, buying an essay IS cheating…. Also, if a student is caught buying an essay (or any other form of assignment) there will inevitably be serious consequences. Suspension and in some cases expulsion is the future a student potentially faces, is it worth it?

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