A Quick Guide for Beginners: Looking for Synthesis Essay Examples

Shopping the Internet for writing samples is easy when you know where to look. Students appreciate seeing well-written, proofread, and edited essay, especially the challenging ones like synthesis and response essays. Fortunately, professional writers, bloggers, and educators have lovingly placed samples of all types of essays in common locations so students can get their work done by using the samples as templates.

Education Sites Offering Free Sample Essays

One of the best places to find essay samples is from educational sites. There are non-profit educational organizations that have created websites full of essay samples and tutorials explaining how to write the essays. There are also several colleges and universities that have created writing lab that students and the general public can access to learn about all types of writing and grammar. Both of these types of sites are usually free to use and the samples they have are written by professionals or by students who are majoring in writing or English.

Writing Sites with Professionally Written Synthesis Samples

Another exceptional place to look for synthesis essay examples are the for-profit writing sites. Most students access these sites when they want to hire someone to write an essay for them, but the sites are also valuable for students who want to find free samples of all types of essays. These are generally written by professional writers and they have usually been edited, too. Not all writing sites provide free samples, but many of the better ones do because the free samples show what their writers are capable of crafting for customers who are curious to see what they can do.

Blogs Written for Stud

If you want to look elsewhere for an example of a synthesis essay, you can turn to blogs about writing. Students, teachers, writers, and professional bloggers will often craft posts about different types of writing and they will include samples as well as explanations on how to successfully write those types of essays. You are not guaranteed to find posts and samples written by professional writers; but if a bloggers is sharing an essays, it should be safe to use. Make sure that you read the blog post about the sample essay so you are sure that the sample is about what to do rather than what not to do when writing a synthesis essay.


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