Creating An Introduction For A College Essay About An Influential Person

To have inspiration in your life is really important, especially when you are a teenager. This will help you achieve your dreams and work hard to get wherever you want. To write an essay about an influential person can be truly inspiring, and you will not feel it like a difficult task. Naturally, the introduction is the first element that you have to think about, so here is how to create it in good way:

  • Mention who are you writing about. This influential person can be anyone, from a director to an actor, so you need to be explicit. You have to give some details about him and his activity, and how he reached to have so much influence. The difficult part is that you have to say all this in only two sentences, so you can also have time to introduce the rest of the information without making your introduction too long.

  • Say why did you choose this person. This is very important because it will make your colleagues pay more attention to your content. At the same time, it will give you the chance to present your preferences to other people. For example, you can say that you wrote about this person because you want to follow a career in this niche and he inspired you. It’s a simple sentence with many meanings!

  • Mention the goal of your composition. Ok, you want to present this person to everyone else, but what more? What are you trying to prove through your essay? You want to show them how important hard work is or how far you can get with ambition? Your goal is important because it will not only make your classmates interested, but it will also help you keep on track and focus on the most important ideas.

  • Make it exciting. No one wants to read a dull, boring essay, especially from the very beginning. To make sure that they will actually want to listen to your composition, you will have to make them curious and excited. You can give some interesting and new information about this person, but without revealing too much. At the same time, you can mention that you actually took an interview from this person and they can read it all in the body of the text. With some luck, everyone will adore your essay!

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