Holocaust was a structure bureaucratic persecution sponsored by the state that saw the killing of six million Jews during the Nazi regime and its allies. In Greek, holocaust means “sacrifice through fire.” The Nazis took power in Germany in the start of 1933 with the belief that German was superior on racial grounds compared to the inferior Jews who were considered aliens posing a great threat to the racial community of German. During this period, the authorities of German also targeted different other groups due to their perceived inferiority based on race. The disabled, the Roma and other Slavic population that included Russians and poles among others were also put in that category. Persecutions were also based on ideological, behavioral and political backgrounds targeting such groups as those of homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, communists and socialists.

The weight on Holocaust mainly fell on Jews. They were the major victims of the persecutions. By 1933, the Jewish population in Europe was more than nine million with most of them living in Nazi Germany-occupied countries for the purposes of creating a major influence in what was to be the World War II later in 1945. Before this time, the Germans and allied groups put to death about two-thirds of the European Jews as a policy by the Nazi regime. Even though Jews were the main target, other groups were killed in a Euthanasia program targeting the disabled people and mentally handicapped living in institutions. This was in the search for supremacy and tyranny of numbers needed to exercise power. Those who opposed the political moves made by the Nazi regime also became victims of the Holocaust situation.

It started in the initial years of the Nazi regime where the national socialist administration developed concentration camps for detaining the imagined and real ideological and political opponents. This was one of the most horrifying events and treatment on the human race record in world history. Luckily, there are some people who survived such mistreatments who later migrated to Israel, the United States and many other places. It was a horrific incident that lasted for years with crimes devastating many Jewish communities in Europe and the ruining of international relations far and beyond. Holocaust has become a very significant tale in modern tales highlighting evils that were committed to innocent people who died painful deaths. The degree of such hate is unbelievable and the crimes have still continued to be a mystery at this present age.


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