Vital Advice On How To Write A Topic Sentence In An Essay

If you were trying to write a topic sentence in your essay there are some vital things that you should understand. The topic sentence serves an important purpose. Everything that you write within your paper should be fluid. This fluidity is contingent upon topic sentences for each paragraph, weaving all of your points together in a cohesive manner. If your paper lacks good topic sentences then it will seem very chunky, broken up arbitrarily, and it will not have flow. When the reader sit down to review your paper they should be able to neatly move from paragraph to paragraph, from thought to thought, much like the growth of an orchestral piece. Think of your paper much like music in that there are no awkwardly broken up pauses without purpose, and there are no odd jumps from place to place. Everything slowly weaves into the next and every item you see should build off of the item before.

  • Topic sentence belongs in every one of your paragraphs. The topic sentence works in tandem with the transitional sentence at the end of every paragraph. Take for example, your body paragraphs. You may present one argument in the first body paragraph, an argument which opens with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is much like a miniature thesis statement. It tells the reader what they are going to explore in the upcoming paragraph. Remember that your readers need a roadmap so that they know what they are about to embark upon. And throughout the course of their journey they need to be reminded as to what is coming next. The topic sentence shows them what is coming next. Your topic sentence should pique the interest of the reader.
  • So consider, again, your first body paragraph. This paragraph opens with a topic sentence, something that tells the reader in a concise fashion what they are about to read. If you are writing a five paragraph essay on why uniforms are a good idea in schools, your first body paragraph will present your first argument. If your first argument in support of school uniforms is that it cuts down on social hierarchies and provide everybody with an equal opportunity to build relationships within school, you need to state something similar to that as your topic sentence. Your readers should know exactly what they are about to read. At the end of your paragraph about cutting down on social hierarchies, you must utilize a transitional sentence to bring the reader to your next point which might be day concept that grades improve when uniforms are utilized. And again in this instance you will need a topic sentence to present the concept of better grades to your reader.

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